Meet Norman the (Interested) Cat!

Norman the (Interested in Everything) Cat

This is Norman's first book!

Norman is sweet and Norman is kind,

But make no mistake, Norman decides his own mind!

Norman fills his days with acceptance and joy,

He lives his life steadily (with no wish to annoy),

But, he lives his adventure,

Always loving and strong,

But he stays true to himself,

He’s sure that’s not wrong.

So, join Norman won’t you?

Live the life that you see,

Decide who you are,

And, then take a big deep breath…and just BE.

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Norman the (Interested in Keeping Friends Healthy) Cat

Norman's Second Book!


Norman teaches Jake all about the importance of wearing a mask and practicing social distancing!

After their conversation, along with a day of fun, they learn that it's worth it to wear masks and stay healthy for one another!

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First heard about Norman and met the author during a diversity and inclusion event in AZ. Setting aside my love for cats and their unique quirkiness, the adventures of Norman meeting different people, and doing different things - often marching to the beat of his own drummer - resonated very strongly with me. I have two children in middle school; my daughter (the youngest) is struggling with her own identity and eclectically amazing sense of individuality. The wonderful message in this book is one that should be shared by all. Children, teachers, parents ... all of them can learn a lesson from Norman!

Tim G, Chicago, Illinois

So impressed by this sweet book. Everyone needs this kind of encouragement to celebrate their uniqueness!!!

Deb Curley, Family Engagement Director at UA Cooperative Extension Pima County

About The Author

Cheryl Cage

Although this is Cheryl's first children's book, she has published numerous career guides for her consulting firm Cage Marshall Consulting. 

Norman the (Interested in Everything) Cat is the first book in the Norman the Cat series. Watch for Norman's second adventure coming Spring 2020!

Cheryl Cage