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Norman the (Interested in Everything) Cat is a delightful, uplifting narrative poem in motion. The illustrations are stunning and characters seem to dance on the page! Norman teaches us to be open to new experiences, enjoy adventures, and most importantly, be ourselves! I had the honor of having the author, Cheryl Cage join my second grade Zoom session. Her presentation mesmerized my class and they can’t wait to read her upcoming books! Love this book and my class gave it 5 stars with a cherry on top!

Margie Hervert, Second Grade Teacher, 1/29/2021

CagesPages@gmail.com / 520-360-9016

Cheryl is available for virtual classroom visits, school fundraisers, personal readings for birthdays and children's celebrations!

(Note: All the animals in Cheryl's books are personal friends and they regularly attend virtual readings with her.)

Cheryl offers a wide range of activities from:

---Reading her books (either all in one sitting, or one a week spread over time!),

---Singing along to Norman's theme song (lyric sheets provided!)

---Providing a fun 'Behind the Scenes' presentation. Cheryl shares the (admittedly terrible) initial sketches she provides her illustrator and then walks through the process of how she decides on the pictures she wants in her books. She also explains how she comes up with book ideas, how she writes her first drafts and then how she makes her books RHYME!


Cheryl Cage is the Founder of Cage Marshall Consulting, an aviation career consulting firm she started in 1988. She has written five business titles and published over eleven business books.

In 2006 Cheryl turned her attention to politics. She was the Democratic candidate for the Arizona State Senate in both 2008 and 2010 (yes, she lost, but she almost beat the odds!). In the last fifteen years she has worked as a campaign manager for five successful local campaigns. She served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Arizona for seven years and also served as the Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party. She's a committed community activist who believes in equality, inclusiveness and kindness.

These beliefs led Cheryl to begin writing her children's book series, Norman the Interested Cat in 2019. Her third book is due out Spring 2020 with a fourth book slated for Fall 2020.